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YOUR perfect lusitano



As Lusitanos often come with pre-determined breed characteristics, its very important during your search to be honest and realistic with what type of horse will match you and your situation. 

But it seems like you know Lusitano's, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

However, you might not know how to do business in the land of Lusitano's: Portugal. 


Lucky for you, we do. 

We speak the language and understand the local culture. And not just the Portuguese culture, we can also assist you in Spain as we have both lived in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries for many years as well. 

Our own backgrounds are Dutch and Australian, which are very different cultures from the Iberian cultures.

This gives us the advantage of understanding how both parties (Buyer & Seller) might think and work; we know how to make contact, how to gain and give respect and how to manage expectations on both ends of the table. 

We speak each others language but are so much more than a translator. We are your eyes, ears and gut(feeling) too. 

Before we enter into the very important details of your dream horse, we would like to explain a bit more about the purchase process assistance we offer. 

The 7 Step Program 

This is the general process, however, we are aware that there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to buying horses. This is why the personal consults are very important, we can discuss with you all options and are always open to tailor to your needs when possible.

Last but not least, a disclaimer: 

We will be your eyes and ears on the ground and handle your search in the utmost professional way. 

However, we will not engage in the negotiations, this is between you and the seller.

We cannot be held accountable for any issues that occur post-purchase. 



Free Questionnaire

Firstly, we would ask you to fill in the free questionnaire where you can explain what it is you are looking for in your future horse. Think about practical details like height, sex, color and age - but we would also like to learn more about the dreams, and, also very important, level of experience you have; Do you want a bombproof companion on trailrides or are you looking to enter into the Olympics?

Both is possible, we just need to know what to look out for. Of course also in terms of budget.

So in this form we will have arranged a number of important questions to help determine what type of (Lusitano) horse is right for you. 


Complementary Consult

Once we have received your answer, we will book in a phone/Skype consult with you, completely free of charge.

During this call you can explain even further what you are looking for in your Lusitano. And of course we will explain more about our services and answer any questions that may arise. 


Start of Search

After this complementary telephone consult, we will start of the search. 

The search we conduct is very personal as we are trying to meet our clients wishes in the very best way. This will require a lot of research which takes time.

To find these horses we generally require 3-4 weeks to find the best available matches at that time.

We understand that a certain amount of urgency is required, this is why we will always discuss with you if the timeline is suitable. .


Presentation of prospects

As a part of our free service, we will present you with 5 horses that match your criteria.

Once we have received your feedback on these horses, we will determine if we are ready to undertake action, or more research needs to be conducted.  

The search criteria can be tailored to your needs (E.g. more horses, shorter timeframe) against a surcharge. 


Pre-Purchase Visit(s)

Once we have made a shortlist of interesting prospects, we will schedule dates for (a) visit(s). 

Within 48 hours after the visit(s) have taken place you will receive a full video report and we will schedule a follow up call to discuss your feedback. In the video report we will give you a detailed introduction to the horse, its physique, basic movements temperament handling, ground and mounted work. We will address any points of concern as well as positive aspects and guide you through our experience of the trial ride. 


Next Steps

In our follow up call we will discuss next steps, such as organising a pre-purchase veterinarian exam or a potential visit of you, the client, coming to Portugal to check out the prospective horse(s) yourself. 

We always recommend scheduling a pre-purchase veterinarian exam prior to travelling to Portugal, to make sure that your travels are worthwhile and any potential issues (that are not necessarily visible to the screening eye) will be tackled on time. We have a good relationship with several veterinarians across the country which we trust, respect and recommend.

We know how important this is so we will always make sure that you will have the best resources available to you.  

Veterinarian visits will always be documented in a full report including photo/video footage.



Congratulations! You have found your perfect Lusitano! At this point we will be discussing logistics; how to get your horse home to you. We can provide you with several recommendations of transport companies, insurance companies and even a place to keep your horse in the period between sale and transport. Whatever it is, we are here to help you to bring your new friend home! 

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